Mission and Vision

Arman foundation is a non-profit making organisation which works for the upliftment of the society by improving the lives of people by providing them education and health environment across the country.
We believe that education is one of the most important medium that help in the development of the society in all manners.
Our NGO also give importance to health part and provide medical help to disadvantaged people of the society.
We identify and work with the weaker and vulnerable section of the society to find solutions to the challenges threatening their lives.
Our mission is to make an aware , responsible and developed society based upon equality ensuring sustainable development with emphasis on human rights and social justice, and a culture of social service through buildings partnership with the Government, SHG`S and various national and international organization by planning interventions.
We make the underprivileged people capable by helping them to generate income for their better life by giving them tanning of professionals so that they can compete and come at-per with this fast growing community.
Our NGO works to provide better health, education and shelter to deprived people for their betterment.
With the assistance of the volunteer we work, to stop exploitation against girl child. We campaign door to door to guide peoples for this. We do health check-up camps, for all blood donation camps age group of people.

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